2000 Business Meeting, Mobile, AL, October 23

October 23, 2000

Present:  Suzetta Burrows, Elizabeth Connor, Sandra Franklin, Jenifer Grady, Nunzia Guise, Cynthia Henderson, Jan LaBeause, Henry Lemkau, Faith Meakin, Nilca Parcilla, Suresh Ponnappa, T. Scott Plutchak, Ruth Riley, Ada Seltzer, Beverly Shattuck, Tom Singarella, Myra Sterrett, Thomas Williams.

The meeting was called to order by Faith A. Meakin, Chair, at 12:40 p.m.

Faith welcomed members to the fall meeting and thanked Tom Williams for being such a gracious host to CONBLS and to the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

Faith requested that all members review the membership roster and send any corrections to Ruth Riley, Secretary.

Minutes of the February 13, 2000 meeting were approved as distributed.

Faith Meakin, outgoing Chair, gave the Treasurer’s report for Cheryl Hamburg.  The treasury balance was reported as $9,262.96.  Cheryl had just received checks from members for the previous year’s dues.  Another invoice was due to go out to members in July 2000 for the 2000/2001 dues but it hadn’t been sent out yet.  Discussion ensued about formalizing the position of treasurer.  Biddanda (Suresh) Ponnappa agreed to serve as Treasurer.  Faith agreed to work with Suresh to transfer the accounts to him from Cheryl.

Faith introduced Tamera Lee as the new incoming Chair of CONBLS for 2000-2001.

There was discussion about whether to invite Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division Library to join CONBLS.  The question was raised as to the criteria for asking libraries to become members.  Ruth Riley cited Article III of the CONBLS Bylaws which states that members shall be academic health sciences libraries which shall have been admitted either as charter  members or by majority vote of the full membership.  No decision was made.

Faith reported that she had obtained cards to acknowledge the retirement of three CONBLS colleagues – Carol Burns (Emory), Jocelyn Rankin (Mercer), and Tom Lange (U of South Carolina).  These cards were distributed at the meeting for signatures.  Faith also purchased cards and gifts to send to Karen Rosati and Annie Potter at the University of South Carolina for their work on the SEMPUL Union List.  She also purchased a card and gift for Tom & Sammy Basler for hosting the CONBLS group at their home in Charleston at the February 2000 meeting.

Tamera thanked Faith for her leadership and service as the first official chair of CONBLS.

Tamera reported that Scott Plutchak had taken over administration of the CONBLS website and encouraged members to send him information and any needed revisions for the website.  It was reported that the old CONBLS website at MUSC Library needs to be dismantled as an Internet search pulls up the old website as well as the new.

Tamera recommended that an entry for CONBLS be added somewhere in the Southern Chapter/MLA Membership Directory.  Fay Towell had reported that she had trouble figuring out who to contact when making local arrangements for the SC/MLA meeting.   It was suggested that a link to the CONBLS website be added to the SC/MLA web page.  Scott Plutchak agreed to contact the SC/MLA webmaster and accomplish this task.  It was also suggested that the CONBLS Chair should take the initiative to contact the SC/MLA Local Arrangements Committee Chair to make arrangements for future CONBLS meetings.

Discussion ensued about the Spring 2002 CONBLS retreat.  It was decided to keep the directors presentations on state of the campus and state of the library.  Tom Singarella graciously agreed to host the meeting in Memphis.

Henry Lemkau raised the question of whether CONBLS should have any representation on the NN/LM SE/A Regional Advisory Committee.  Faith Meakin responded that CONBLS has not had a representative on the board for the past ten years.  She also reported that although the NN/LM SE/A did not sponsor a resource library directors meeting in their last contract, they did one have planned for March 2001.

Discussion ensued about the length of term for officers.  According to the bylaws, the Chair shall serve a one-year term; the Chair-elect shall serve a one-year term and then succeed to the office of Chair; the Treasurer shall serve a three-year term; the Secretary shall serve a two-year term.

Tom Williams agreed to chair CONBLS in 2001-2002.

The meeting adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Riley, Secretary

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