2000 Retreat, Charleston, SC, February 13-14

2000 Retreat

February 13-14, Charleston, SC

February 13, 2000

The meeting was called to order by Faith Meakin, Chair, at 1:00 p.m.

Faith outlined the current status of CONBLS.  In October 1999, it was decided to have a Chair again and to modify the bylaws.  Faith was elected Chair and Tamara Lee was elected Chair-Elect.  This year it was noticed that no dues notices had been sent out for two years.  Members debated various options for remedying this lapse in dues collection.

The outcome of the discussion was that Cheryl Hamberg, CONBLS Treasurer, would be instructed that CONBLS dues for 1999/2000 would be $500 and that next year’s dues will be $250.  This arrangement will allow CONBLS to recoup the dues that weren’t collected in 1998/99 and restore the treasury.  Faith will have Cheryl send out bills on CONBLS letterhead as soon as possible with a payment date of June 1, 2000 or before.  The invoices for 2000/2001 dues will be sent out July 1, 2000 and will be due back October 1, 2000.

Decision: Faith to contact Cheryl Hamberg re bills for CONBLS dues.

Members also discussed whether to reimburse members for travel costs this year.  Tom Basler explained that the historical intention of reimbursing airfare for meeting attendees was so that as many of directors could attend as possible.  If directors from nearby cities were able to drive to the meeting, they were not reimbursed for these expenses.  Hotel expenses have never been reimbursed by CONBLS.  The CONBLS treasury is primarily used to cover the costs of securing a meeting space and providing food at the meeting as well as reimbursement of airfare for the retreat attendees.  Faith expressed the need for CONBLS to codify these guidelines.  It was decided that meeting attendees might proceed with requesting reimbursement for airfare for this year’s meeting.  (Question to whom should they send them?)

Decision:  Meeting attendees can send reimbursement requests.

Tom Basler reported that the CONBLS archives are located at MUSC Library.  He will investigate its contents and report back to Faith.

Decision:  Tom Basler will review CONBLS archives.

There was discussion about the pros and cons of having the same person serving as treasurer for an indefinite period of the time and the merits of making this a rotating office.  It was decided that this position should be made into a three-year appointment and that Cheryl Hamburg should be offered the option of continuing as treasurer.  Faith will do this.  Members also discussed the need for more than one person to have signature authority on the CONBLS account.  Tom Williams reported that the account is currently located at Emory University Credit Union.

Decision: Faith is to offer the three year treasurer’s position to Cheryl Hamberg if she does not want it Suresh Ponnappa has volunteered.  The additional signature of the Chair-elect will be added to the account.

Faith reported that Nova Southeastern University now has a medical school.  It was decided that Faith would contact the director and extend an invitation to join CONBLS.

Decision:  Invitation for membership will be extended to Nova Southeastern

Members then discussed the need to elect officers.  It was explained that the Chair -Elect is responsible for planning the program for the next retreat.  It was decided that a secretary position needed to be created and that the term would be for two years.  As noted earlier, the treasurer position would be a three- year term.  These changes will require a bylaws change.  Ruth Riley was elected Secretary.  The primary responsibility of the secretary is to take minutes at retreat business meetings and at the October business meetings.

1.       Secretary position was created for a two- year term.  Ruth Riley will serve as first secretary.
2.       Bylaws change necessary.  Carol Burns to make the addition to the bylaws

Members discussed the need for a web page.  Scott Plutchak agreed that University of Alabama Birmingham would host the site. The site will include a logo, member directory, bylaws, meeting minutes, links to CONBLS library websites, etc.

Decision: University of Alabama at Birmingham will host the website

[Ada Seltzer reported that Vanderbilt had been sending ILL requests to her library since October and expecting them to be free.  Ada indicated that she had received no formal communication from Vanderbilt or CONBLS that Vanderbilt was now participating in the reciprocal ILL agreement.  The last communication from Vanderbilt from Mark Hodges was that CONBLS was withdrawing from the group and would participate in the reciprocal ILL agreement.  Faith asked if others in the group were experiencing similar requests from Vanderbilt.  Members were not sure.  Faith will contact Nunzia Giuse about this issue.

Decision: CONBLS Libraries should verify status of billing for Vanderbilt.  Faith will contact Nunzia about an official letter asking for reinstatement as a participant in the ILL consortial agreement.

Members discussed the need for continuing to maintain the CONBLS union list.  The consensus seemed to be that the new version of SERHOLD would minimize the need to continue with the production of the union list.  Members reported that they intend to begin doing data input themselves.  Ruth Riley reported that the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Library was willing to continue with production of the list for another year until the new SERHOLD was fully in place.  She indicated that Karen Rosati, Head of Serials, will be sending letters to her peers at CONBLS libraries asking them to report any changes and whether they want a union list produced.  Members asked that these letters be directed to the director level instead.  Ruth agreed.  The group expressed great appreciation for the work that Tom Lange and the USC School of Medicine Library had performed over the years on the union list.  It was decided to send Tom a letter of thanks and some kind of gift from CONBLS.  Ruth requested that cards also be sent to the library staff members who have maintained the list, Karen Rosati and Annie Potter.  Members agreed.

Decision:  1. USC will send letters to directors re union list plans.
2.       A letter of appreciation will be sent to Tom Lange for his work on the Union List and as a  founding father of CONBLS
3.       Cards will be sent to Karen Rosati and Annie Potter

Faith adjourned the meeting at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Riley
CONBLS Secretary

February 14, 2000

At the close of the CONBLS Retreat, Tom Basler and Tamara Lee provided an update on communications with SOLINET and MD Consult.  Tom and Tamara worked with Angee Baker at SOLINET to explore options for negotiating a deal with MD Consult.  They shared the outcome of their discussion with the members.  After debating the pros and cons of moving forward with a subcontract with SOLINET to negotiate with MD Consult and Academic Press, members decided to abandon the initiative.

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