2001 Business Meeting, New Orleans, LA, October 26

October 26, 2001
New Orleans

Attendees:  Rosalind Lett, Tom Singarella, Taneya Koonce, Tamera Lee, Tom Basler, Scott Plutchak, Faith Meakin, Tom Williams, Suzy Burrows, Rick Wallace, Sandra Franklin, Jan LaBeause, Ada Seltzer, Sarah Gable, Darlene P. Kelly, Henry Lemkau, Victoria Delgado-Aponte

Tamera Lee, Chair, called the meeting to order at noon.

Tamera welcomed everyone, especially incoming directors, Rosalind Lett (Meharry) and Victoria Delgado-Aponte (Univ. or Puerto Rico).  A round of introductions was made.

Minutes of the October 23, 2000 Business Meeting were distributed.  Corrections were necessary and the minutes were not approved at this time.

Sandra Franklin spoke briefly about the search for the Directorship at Emory and Faith Meakin announced that Barbara Shearer has been hired as Director of the new medical library at FSU.  She was formerly at Mobile AL and Thomas Jefferson Univ. She will be coming to Florida in early spring. (actually in November 2001)

Tom Singarella spoke about the 2002 retreat in Memphis. He said he expects a good turnout and that a number of people will bring staff members with them.  Reservations should be made early for the Peabody Hotel which is very convenient to many good restaurants.  Susan Thompson will speak on the topic; “E-Books: Publishers and Vendors.”  Scott Plutchak will chair a panel discussion of management of E-Resources.  Henry Lemkau offered to do a presentation on the transition to an evidence-based curriculum for Sunday morning.  Tom Singarella suggested that a record be kept of the activities of the meeting and that useful information be shared with others.  This led to some discussion about what should and should not be posted on the CONBLS web site and whether or not parts of the site should be password protected.

Tamara gave the Treasurer’s report for Suresh Ponnappa who was unable to attend.  The treasury contains $12,552.70.  Suresh had asked Tamera to poll the members on two questions:
Q:  When is the best time to invoice for dues?
A. Tom Singarella made the following motion:  “Dues will be sent by June 1st and will be due by Aug. 31st.  Ada Seltzer seconded and the motion passed.  Tom Williams asked that the treasurer grant exceptions when needed.

Q. Who should be reimbursed for travel?
A. Tom Basler explained that dues were instituted and travel reimbursement was given to everyone in order to insure that everyone would be able to attend.  Over time the funds are insufficient to cover travel for everyone and should be used to those whose institutions cannot or will not reimburse.  Henry Lemkau moved that CONBLS funds be used to support the retreat and may also be used to reimburse the transportation expenses of representatives of member institutions if required.  Tom Basler seconded.  The motion passed.

There was then a discussion about whether or not instructions for subscribing to the CONBLS discussion list should be posted on the web site.  The group decided that the list should remain private and the instructions should not be made public.

Jan LaBeause asked how to indicate that Loansome Doc requests are submitted on behalf of faculty.  It was decided earlier that this should display prominently in the notes area of the request form.

Tom Basler announced that the salary survey is almost complete.  He still needs to enter the data of one institution, but it will soon be available.  He also mentioned that he is open to suggestions about anything people would like to do to improve the survey methodology.

Tom Williams is the incoming Chair.  Need to elect a new Chair for the 2003 Business Meeting and the 2004 Retreat.  The group also needs a new Secretary.

The revised minutes will be placed on the listserv for approval.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Riley
Secretary, CONBLS

[Note from Secretary – Ms. Sarah Gable kindly recorded the minutes in the absence of the Secretary.]

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