2002 Business Meeting, Nashville, TN, October 19

October 19, 2002
Nashville, Tennessee
(at Southern Chapter Meeting)

Present: Xiomara Arango (for Beverly Allen), Tom Basler, Suzy Burrows, Lyn Dennison (for Tamera Lee), Nadine Dexter (for Barbara Shearer), Sandra Franklin, Jan LaBeause, Beth Layton, Henry Lemkau, Frances Lynch (for Nunzia Giuse), Jett McCann, Nancy McKeehan, Faith Meakin, Scott Plutchak, Suresh Ponnappa, Ruth Riley, Ada Seltzer, Beverly Shattuck, Marvelyn Thompson, and Tom Williams (based on sign-in sheet).

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Tom Williams, at approximately 12:35 PM. Meeting attendees introduced themselves. Officer elections resulted in Sandra Franklin as Secretary and Beverly Shattuck as Chair-Elect, incoming Chair for 2003-04.

Treasurer’s Report by Suresh Ponnappa

Balance as of 10/5/2001 $12,552.70
Income (dues/interest) 7,058.36
Expenses 5,335.50

New Orleans Mtg. 512.82
Memphis Retreat 3,073.42
Director Travel (7) 1,749.26

Balance as of 10/19/2002 $14,275.56

Highlights of Projects

Tom Basler invited members to come by the MUSC booth to find out about the Hands on Health project. Faith Meakin introduced her new Deputy Director, Beth Layton. Faith reported having an IAIMS planning grant. They applied for an implementation grant that was not funded. Tom Williams reported that he received a Digital Library Grant for two years to offer library services at 2 medical centers and 8 hospitals.

2004 CONBLS Retreat

Scott Plutchak offered to host the spring 2004 retreat in Birmingham, AL.

Salary Survey

Tom Basler announced that the salary survey was complete with results forthcoming in a few weeks. The group agreed to do the survey again, but did not want to expand the data collected.

CONBLS Archives

Tom Basler is attempting to build a CONBLS archive. He needs members to submit items that may be in their files. He has numerous financial (Treasurer) reports. Tom is attempting to locate membership lists, history markers such as important discussions/ decisions, etc. He has a packet from Ted Srygley. Tom mentioned adding to the short history that is on the web site. He asked directors to look in files and send him any useful information that would help fill in the gaps. Photos from past retreats, too.


Tom Basler led the discussion. When Tom was in Augusta, CONBLS discussed getting a group to review submissions of programs, projects, or great ideas from members. The committee would choose a library to receive an award with the possibility of honorable mentions. Tom has certificates and notes from the committee (Buzz Sawyer, Ted Srygley, Tom Lange, Basler), but there was no follow through.

Another idea of the past was to give an award based on items presented at the retreat…a CONBLS Library Project/Program of the Year. Receive recognition and use as PR at home institution.

During the discussion, there were numerous comments in favor of the idea to pursue some type of award within the CONBLS membership. There was a motion from Henry Lemkau, with a second, to institute a Distinguished Program/Project Award for CONBLS. All voted in favor of the motion.

Riley, at the end of the meeting, appointed a committee of Lemkau, Plutchak, and Basler to serve one year and develop guidelines/criteria for the award.

Guest Policy at Luncheon

Members discussed the pros and cons of bringing guests to the CONBLS luncheon. LaBeause mentioned the “graying of the profession” as incentive to acquaint other leadership staff with the directors. Plutchak thought the treasury was healthy enough to absorb the cost of additional lunches. Decision: Agreed that each Director can bring one guest if he/she so chooses, with advance notice.

Other items

Meakin asked if other libraries were joining ETFS for ILL payments. Several indicated they were looking into membership, others stated institutional policies against setting up deposit accounts.

Ponnappa asked about a possible consortium purchase of Science Direct, but most already have the product.

Tom Williams passed the gavel to Ruth Riley, Chair for 2002-03.

In addition to setting up the awards committee, Riley appointed a group to prepare a draft proposal for a Peer Review Program…Basler and McKeenan as Co-Chairs, with Meakin and Shattuck as members.

Scheduled mailing of the next CONBLS invoices – July 2003.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM.

Sandra Franklin, Secretary

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