2003 Business Meeting, Coral Gables, FL, October 12

October 12, 2003
Coral Gables , Florida
(at Southern Chapter Meeting)

Present: Xiomara Arango (for Beverly Allen), Tom Basler, Suzy Burrows, Victoria Delgado, Lyn Dennison, Sandra Franklin, Jan LaBeause, Beth Layton (for Faith Meakin), Tamera Lee, Henry Lemkau, Jett McCann, Nancy McKeehan, T. Scott Plutchak, Suresh Ponnappa, Ruth Riley, Ada Seltzer, Beverly Shattuck, Tom Singarella, Barbara Sheera, Marvelyn Thompson, Jennifer Watson, Tom Williams, and guests Silvia Serra and Mark Bevan of Biomed Central (based on sign-in sheet).

Chair Ruth Riley called the meeting to order at 11:10 AM. Ruth thanked Henry Lemkau for hosting the meeting. Attendees introduced themselves. A sign-in sheet was circulated and a page for indicating corrections to the web page directory was circulated and returned to Scott Plutchak.

Approval of 2002 Business Meeting Minutes

Secretary Franklin distributed minutes by e-mail prior to the meeting. Minutes of the October 19, 2002 meeting were approved with one correction…Carmen Santos attended the meeting for Victoria Delgado.

Treasurer’s Report by Suresh Ponnappa

Balance as of 10/12/02 $14,275.56
Income (dues and interest) 1,311.08
Expenses ( Nashville meeting) 729.49
Balance as of 10/12/03 $14,857.15

Suresh reported that dues were up to date except for one school. He offered the idea of donating $1,000 in CONBLS funds to Southern Chapter for a student scholarship. Following a lengthy discussion, there was a motion by Tom Williams with a second by Jan LaBeause to provide a one-time contribution of $250 to Southern Chapter in support of a student scholarship. Future contributions would be discussed. All voted in favor of the motion.

Based on the discussion and treasury balance, there was a motion from Ada Seltzer with a second from Tom Williams to place a moratorium on dues for one year, i.e., no dues invoices for 2004. All voted in favor of the motion.

Election of Chair-Elect for 2003-04

Jan LaBeause was nominated by Tamera Lee and elected Chair-Elect (Chair for 2004-05). Beverly Shattuck is Chair for 2003-2004. Sandra Franklin continues as Secretary 2003-04.

BioMed Central Consortium Agreement

Tamera Lee spearheaded a consortium agreement for CONBLS with BioMed Central. In a September 25, 2003 email message to members, Tamera gave the following information:

Ten institutions commit to the BMC consortia quotation (15 voted, 2 abstained)

Medical College of Georgia
East Tennessee State University
Vanderbilt University
Mercer University
Meharry Medical College
Medical University of South Carolina
Morehouse University
University of South Alabama
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Emory University

Nine institutions voted YES in support of a CONBLS subsidy, 64% majority

Medical College of Georgia
East Tennessee State University
Vanderbilt University
Florida State University
Mercer University
Meharry Medical College
University of Florida
University of South Carolina
University of Puerto Rico

Suresh agreed to coordinate one CONBLS payment to BMC and will send the institutions that committed an invoice reflecting individual institution prices based on the CONBLS quotation minus $250 subsidy. Send check to Suresh by October 24 to facilitate payment to BMC by October 31, 2003. The agreement is subject to annual review for renewal.

Tamera introduced Mark Bevan and Silvia Serra to give details about the BMC agreement.

CONBLS Salary Survey

Tom Basler reported that the survey is ready to mail following his return from the meeting. There are few changes and a handful added hundreds of dollars to annual salaries. Many have lost positions permanently. Tom indicated that next year he may ask us to submit an Excel spreadsheet. Members still consider the survey to be a valuable service and want it to continue. Thanks extended to Tom for his efforts.

Spring 2004 Retreat

In advance of the meeting, Scott Plutchak sent tentative plans for the Birmingham retreat, March 19 – 21, 2004. Sessions to be held at the Lister Hill Library with a Friday evening dinner and reception in the Reynolds Historical Library. Scott sought ideas for topics and potential speakers. Ruth thanked Scott for hosting the retreat.

CONBLS will reimburse travel for those directors who submit a request. Members decided to continue the practice of allowing a leadership staff member to attend the retreat for professional development.

Peer Review Program

Tom Basler, Nancy McKeenan, Beverly Shattuck, and Faith Meakin will continue to work on the Peer Review Program with discussions via the listserv.

CONBLS Distinguished Library Award

Tom Basler, Henry Lemkau, and Scott Plutchak served on the committee to develop guidelines and select the CONBLS Distinguished Library Award. The 1 st Distinguished Library Award was presented to Jan LaBeause for the GAIN network. The award was presented again publicly at the GAIN 20 th anniversary celebration.

Criteria for the award emphasized: innovation, contribution to mission and/or impact on academic enterprise or community, and sustainability and durability.  Our choice was made quite easy by the great success of GAIN.  The proclamation read as follows:
Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries (CONBLS)
Distinguished Library Award 2003

Mercer University School of Medicine Medical Library & Learning Resources Center

Awarded for the success of GaIN
The Georgia Interactive Network for Medical Information
1983 to 2003

GaIN was established in 1983 by Dr. Jocelyn A. Rankin with a National Library of Medicine grant.  Jan H. LaBeause has continued the good work. The network is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year making it the oldest statewide network of its kind in the country. The Medical Library & Learning Resources Center of Mercer University School of Medicine serve as the hub of GaIN.

GaIN was designed as a model for a statewide computer-based medical information network to provide clinical and research information to students and primary care practitioners at the hospital or practice site. It was also intended to assist in meeting the larger goal of improving the health care delivery system in rural and underserved areas of Georgia . The network partnership began with three hospitals and five practice sites. Currently, there are currently over 1,000 individual members and 80 institutional including all six Georgia AHECs as well as the state program office, small rural community hospitals, large urban medical centers & health systems, public health departments, technical schools, state colleges, public libraries, state agencies, private practice clinics, and a sports medicine foundation.

GaIN has been recognized previously by the Association of American Medical Colleges and Medical Library Association as an example of an academic initiative to address physician needs in rural areas and a technological innovation.

ILLs from CONBLS libraries for materials held by university libraries

Tom Williams surveyed others and determined that his library was the only one getting items from the University Library to share via ILL. We discussed whether or not we needed to make a distinction between print or electronic delivery and determined that it was a non-issue for now. Many license agreements dictate that ILLs can’t be filled electronically.

Brief Reports from Library Directors


Ruth asked the Secretary to send a sympathy card to Faith Meakin. Faith was not in attendance because of the death of her mother.

Jan LaBeause invited CONBLS members to attend the GAIN 20 th birthday celebration on October 31, 2003, in Macon , GA and to mark calendars for the Georgia State Outreach Planning Meeting in April 2004, also in Macon .

Joe Cassels provided information for CONBLS members to consider a consortium agreement for InfoPOEMs. Pricing – three tier from $5400 to $10,900 with consortium discount of 20-40% available. Nationally there are 86 institutional members and three CONBLS subscribers. Ruth suggested that a current subscriber put together a proposal for our group to consider.

Passing of Gavel

Ruth Riley passed the gavel to the 2003-04 Chair, Beverly Shattuck. The meeting adjourned at 1:20 PM.

Submitted by Sandra Franklin, Secretary

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