2004 Business Meeting, Biloxi, MS, October 24

October 24, 2004
Biloxi, Mississippi
(at Southern Chapter Meeting)

Present: Judy Burnham, Suzetta Burrows, Victoria Delgado, Nadine Dexter, Sandra Franklin, Cynthia Henderson, Jan LaBeause, Beth Layton, Tamera Lee, Faith Meakin, Suzanne Nagy, T. Scott Plutchak, Suresh Ponnappa, Ruth Riley, Ada Seltzer, Beverly Shattuck, Tom Singarella, Marvelyn Thompson, Peggy Westlake, and Tom Williams.

Guests: Sandy Oelschlegel of Univ. of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Ronna Archbold of TD Net, Inc., and Ralph Arcari of Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS).

Lunch 11:30 AM. Chair Beverly Shattuck called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. A sign-in sheet was circulated.

Ronna Archbold presented TD Net, Inc., a product in use at the University of South Carolina. Ralph Arcari presented EFTS and encouraged all CONBLS members to participate.

Approval of 2003 Business Meeting Minutes
Secretary Franklin distributed minutes by e-mail prior to the meeting. With a motion from LaBeause and a second from Ponnappa, minutes of the October 12, 2003 meeting were approved with one correction – the spelling of Barbara Shearer’s name.

Treasurer’s Report by Suresh Ponnappa
A Treasurer’s report was submitted at the March CONBLS Retreat. Suresh notes that a lot of money is passing through the treasury with BioMed Central payments. The limit for non-profit groups without filing taxes is $12,000. CONBLS has a tax-exempt number, but Suresh has not been able to track it down. Statements for 2005 CONBLS membership dues will be mailed – $250 per member. Suresh’s three-year term as Treasurer ends next year.

Election of Chair-Elect for 2004-2005
Suresh Ponnappa nominated Tom Singarella to serve as Chair-Elect (Chair for 2005-06) with a second by Ruth Riley. All voted in favor of the nomination.

Election of Secretary 2004-2006
Tom Williams volunteered for the position of Secretary with assistance from Judy Burnham since per the bylaws Judy cannot serve as Secretary. This is a two-year term.

New Member Criteria
Tom Singarella asked about qualifications for CONBLS membership. Sandy Oelschlegel of Univ. of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine is interested in membership. Her school has a residency program. It was recommended that the bylaws be reviewed before an invitation to join is extended.

Salary Survey
Tom Basler was not in attendance because of illness. Everyone should have submitted salary survey data to him by that time.

CONBLS Distinguished Library Award
The 2004 CONBLS Distinguished Library Award was presented to the Medical University of South Carolina for HANDS ON HEALTH. Since Tom Basler was absent, Jan LaBeause offered to present the award at the Charleston Conference. The selection committee was Beverly Shattuck, Jan LaBeause, and Scott Plutchak.

BioMed Central Consortium Agreement Renewal
Tamera Lee reported that it was time to discuss BioMed Central renewal and the $250 subsidy for institutions from the CONBLS treasury. By show of hands, there was enough interest to renew the BioMed Central agreement with CONBLS discount. Regarding the $250 subsidy, Scott Plutchak said he had a problem with the use of funds intended for group expenses and retreat expenses being used to subsidize a product. After discussion, there was a motion by Jan LaBeause with a second by Ada Seltzer that CONBLS not subsidize BioMed Central. All voted in favor of the motion. Suresh Ponnappa will determine which libraries will continue in the agreement and work with BioMed Central on billing.

The group thanked Scott Plutchak for an excellent 2004 retreat and program in Birmingham. Tamera Lee volunteered to host the 2006 retreat in Augusta, GA.

Reports from Library Directors
There were no new reports since the retreat. Faith Meakin said she would be asking members for information as she prepares a projection document for February 2006. She received two responses to an inquiry for names of library consultants.

Passing of the Gavel
Beverly Shattuck passed the gavel to the 2004-2005 Chair, Jan LaBeause. The meeting adjourned at 1:55 PM.

Submitted by Sandra Franklin, Secretary

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