2005 Business Meeting, San Juan, PR, October 22

October 22, 2005
San Juan, Puerto Rico
(at Southern Chapter Meeting)

Attending: Tom Basler, Rose Bland, Judy Burnham, Suzy Burrows, Taneya Koonce, Victoria Delgado, Nadine Dexter, Janet Fisher, Sandra Franklin, Sarah Gable, Karen Galloway, Cynthia Henderson, Beth Layton, Jan LeBeause, Tamera Lee, Henry Lemkau, Faith Meakin, Suzanne Nagy, Margarita Gonzalez Perez, T. Scott Plutchak, Suresh Ponnappa, Ruth Riley, Ada Seltzer, Tom Singarella, Mark Spasser, Priscilla Stephenson, Tom Williams.

Minutes of 2004 Meeting

Following lunch, the meeting was called to order by Chair, Jan LeBeause. Suresh Ponnappa moved that the minutes be approved as submitted by e-mail prior to the meeting. Faith Meakin seconded, and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Suresh Ponnappa report that all libraries except one have paid to date.

He noted possible tax issues with money being passed through the CONBLS treasury for consortia database purchases. Tom Basler will look for the original charger of the organization to check on incorporation terms. Scott Plutchak noted that we may need to form a new organization if the carter cannot be found.

Suresh will continue as Treasurer for 2005-2006 with a new treasurer elected next year.

Elections for 2005-2006

Tom Singarella will be the Chair for 2005-2006. Ruth Riley nominated Cynthia Henderson to serve as Chair-Elect for 2005-2006 (Chair for 2006-2007). Cynthia was elected by acclimation.

CONBLS Salary Survey

Tom Basler stated that he is awaiting more data from members for the salary survey. He will send in the spreadsheet soon. He noted that, compared to ten years ago, there had been an increase in the number of professional positions with less technical service positions more systems positions. Public services and management/administration had stayed level. In 1995, the average years of experience was 16 years. In 2005, the average years experience was 9 years. The salary value had increased by $13,000 from 1995-2005.

CONBLS now has 20 years of salary data and wondered if there was an interest in analyzing it to present at SC/MLA or at CONBLS. He suggested a committee to look at what the survey could be doing and what other data to collect.

Ruth Riley noted that CONBLS members should give feedback to AAHSL regarding improvements in their statistical survey. Ada Seltzer noted that administration was more interested in regional data than in national data. Faith Meakin will discuss the demographic stats for AAHSL with Gary Byrd.

Faith recommended that a poster be prepared with a 20-year comparison and volunteered Beth Layton to assist Tom with an analysis of the data


The By-Laws Committee was composed of Cynthia Henderson, Henry Lemkau, Ada Seltzer, and Tom Singarella as Chair.

The first issue was the review of criteria for new members. Tom Singarella noted inquires from UT Graduate School of Medicine, CDC and Wake Forest. Henry Lemkau noted that the impetus for forming CONBLS was for ILL sharing and so that the voices of the southern biomedical libraries would be heard when the RML merged. It was noted that ILL is not as important an issue as it had once been, but was still a concern. After much discussion that focused on the benefit of the regionally based salary survey, the unique nature of biomedical libraries vs. academic or special libraries, Ruth Riley made the motion to keep the membership criteria as is. Tamera Lee seconded the motion and it passed.

The second issue focused on the ability to hold office. Office is currently limited to members and Members are limited to Directors. While Directors can bring Associates/Deputy Directors to the CONBLS events, only Directors can hold office. It was decided to keep this as is.

Discussion was held on doing business electronically. Article 7 allows “by e-mail”, so it was decided to keep as it.


Rose Bland represented Beverly Shattuck and the Awards Committee. Tom Basler noted that two awards can be given during a year and he handled the Awards Ceremony.

The first award was given to East Tennessee State University for their outreach program to 20 rural counties. The recipients received computers, MD Consult for one year and document delivery and training for health care workers.

The second award was given to Medical College of Georgia for the Technology Fair. The Fair was designated as a planning model by MCG Administration for future events.

Ada Seltzer outlined the contributions of Janet Fisher, who has recently retired, in SC/MLA, MLA, CONBLS and the International Cooperation Section. She presented Janet with a plaque of appreciation. Janet thanked the group for their support.


The Retreat Committee is composed of Cynthia Henderson, Ruth Riley, Tom Williams and Annette Williams with Tamera Lee as Chair.

The theme of the meeting is “”The Library as Physical and Virtual Space for Knowledge Management: Blueprints for the Future.” Speakers will be Crit Stuart and Tyler Walters, Associate Directors at Georgia Tech. They will speak on Georgia Tech’s learning commons and IR initiatives.

Directors will give updates on their Libraries on Sunday at the Retreat.

Consortia Agreements

Biomed Central

Most libraries are undecided about renewal, but probably will not renew. Tamera Lee noted that she will continue to promote Open Access initiatives, but will not renew Biomed Central membership.

Images MD

Vendor is offering a 20% discount with central person to negotiate and manage with 15% discount if they deal with individual libraries. There is a problem with access for some libraries. Suresh will coordinate for another year. He will send pricing to members.

Note: the contracts for Biomed Central and Images MD are not connected.

The Scientist

There are three participants in the trial. Suresh will send pricing.


Tom Singarella stated that Elsevier wants to offer Scopus to CONBLS at a consortia rate. Members noted concern with future pricing from Elsevier. Also different people are being given different pricing models. Another concern is that Elsevier won’t release a list of journals that is included in the index. Suzy Burrows stated that the University Library at the University of Miami is concerned with pricing and content. Judy Burnham noted that a year trial would give a good comparison of Scopus vs. Web of Science.


EBSCO has purchased this product. It is not as sophisticated at Up-to-Date, but EBSCO plans to develop further.


Consortia agreement purchased by Wiley. Renewal is due in Feb/March.

The gavel was passed from Jan to Tom Singarella. Appreciation was expressed to Jan for her service to CONBLS.

Tom Williams moved that the meeting adjourn. Ruth Riley seconded. The meeting adjourned.

Thomas Williams, Secretary

(Minutes recorded by Judy Burnham)

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