2006 Business Meeting, Atlanta, GA, October 15

Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries (CONBLS)
Minutes of Annual Business Meeting – Westin Buckhead Hotel, Atlanta, GA
Sunday, October 15, 2006 – 12:30-2:00pm


  • Emory University – Sandra Franklin, Anna Getselman
  • Florida State University – Barbara Shearer, Nadine Dexter, Suzanne Nagy
  • Medical College of Georgia – Tamera Lee
  • Medical University of South Carolina – Tom Balser, Nancy McKeehan
  • Mercer University – Jan LaBeause and Jane Bridges
  • East Tennessee State University – Suresh Ponnappa
  • Morehouse University – Cynthia L. Henderson
  • University of Alabama, Birmingham – Scott Plutchak
  • University of Central Florida – Beverly Shattuck
  • University of Florida – Faith Meakin and Beth Layton
  • University of Mississippi – Ada Selzer, Virginia Segrest
  • University of Puerto Rico – Victoria Delgado, Margarita Gonzalez
  • University of South Alabama – Tom Williams, Judy Burnham
  • University of South Carolina – Felicu Tu
  • University of Tennessee – Tom Singarella, Richard Nolan


  • Brian Alper Dynamed/EBSCO, Matt Martin, EBSCO

Welcome and Introductions
Attendees introduced themselves. Chair Tom Singarella recognized Nadine Dexter, NLM/AAHLS Leadership Fellow for 2006-2007.

Approval of Minutes for 2005 meeting – Tom Williams
The revised minutes were approved as submitted.

Treasurers Report – Suresh Ponnappa
A balance of $2042.30 was reported. (Report attached.) Chair Singarella expressed CONBLS’ appreciation to Suresh Ponnappa.


  • Chair Elect for 2005-2006 – Cynthia L. Henderson
  • Chair-Elect for 2006-2007 – Jan LaBeause nominated Barbara Shearer. There being no further nominations, Shearer was elected by acclimation.
  • Treasurer for 2006-2007 – Suresh Ponnappa agreed to continue in this position.
  • Secretary for 2006-2007 – Judy Burnham agreed to be Secretary.
  • Awards Chair for 2006-2007- Ada Selzer will chair Committee of Selzer, Sandra Franklin and Beverly Shattuck
  • CONBLS Retreat 2008 – Tom Williams had previously volunteered to host the 2008 Retreat, but has taken another position outside CONBLS. Suresh Ponnappa, ETSU, volunteered to host the Retreat.


CONBLS Salary Survey – Tom Basler
Basler reported that he is still waiting on data from three libraries and once the data is finalized, he will send the report both in print and in a spreadsheet. Discussion was held on the value of the data and if the report should be done in the future. The group agreed that it did have value, especially since it was regional data. Basler asked if classified staff should be included. The classified data was originally collected to provide information on salaries for IT staff. Ada Selzer stated that the classified data was helpful when approaching Human Resources for all positions. Scott Plutchak noted that the problem was in setting categories, since those vary among libraries. Sandra Franklin asked if the data should be reported by hourly rate or annual salary for classified staff. It was decided that Basler would set up the categories with help from Ada Selzer and other CONBLS members.

CONBLS History Report – Tom Basler
CONBLS members were asked to send corrections and additions to Basler as there are several gaps that need to be filled. CONBLS members and former members are asked to write additional short contributions to amplify the History. Scott Plutchak has volunteered to do copy editing of the history, but considers the content closed except for the additional contributions.

Chair Singarella presented a plaque to Basler with thanks for his contribution to CONBLS.

Awards and Honors
The CONBLS Award Committee selected the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Library and Biocommunications Center for the CONBLS Distinguished Library Award for initiating the development of the Tennessee Health Information Consortium (THIC). The purpose of the THIC is to provide an infrastructure for disseminating information to support health care practice and training in Tennessee to introduce, encourage and support widespread use of shared electronic information resources by Tennessee’s health care practitioners and educator. A plaque was presented to Tom Singarella.

Old Business
No additional old business was presented.

New Business
Matt Martin, EBSCO and Brian Alper, EBSCO/Dynamed, presented a consortia proposal for purchase of Dynamed to CONBLS. Discussion will be held via the listserv regarding possible purchase, and if so, how the purchase price will be divided among members. Ponnappa, Singarella, Plutchak and Liz Lorbeer (UAB) will look at the proposal

Lincoln Memorial University had inquired about membership in CONBLS, but did not qualify according to the criteria.

Vanderbilt has asked that LOCKSS be planed on the CONBLS agenda for the next meeting.

Faith Meakin announced her retirement from the University of Florida in March 2007.

Tom Williams announced that he had retired from the University of South Alabama and would be taking a new position as Director of the medical library at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

Jan LaBeause reminded everyone to support the SC/MLA Scholarship Booth.

The gavel was passed to CONBLS Chair 2006-2007, Cynthia L> Henderson, by 2005-2006 Chair, Tom Singarella. A gift was given to Singarella with appreciation for his service to CONBLS.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by:
Judy Burnham, Secretary

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