2004 Distinguished Library Award, Nancy C. McKeehan, Medical University of South Carolina Library

2004 Distinguished Library Award

The Medical University of South Carolina Library has been awarded the Distinguished Library Award for 2004 by the Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries (CONBLS) in recognition of the success of Hands on Health-South Carolina, the library’s consumer health web site.

Hands on Health “promotes healthier lifestyles for citizens and healthier communities in South Carolina, addresses the health issues of particular importance to the people of South Carolina and provides reliable health information for all ages, education levels, and reading abilities.”

CONBLS is a professional organization of Biomedical Library Directors from the Southeast United States. The award recognizes innovation, sustainability, and programs that contribute to the library’s mission of service to the academic institution or the community. It is presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

The Award was accepted by Nancy C. McKeehan, Assistant Director of Libraries for Systems and Project Manager for Hands on Health.

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